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The company

A front-runner organisation that operates on the philosophy of partnering with its clients in recommending and implementing best-in-class reclamation and surfacing solutions.

The world has limited reserves of mineral resources. However, the depletion rate resulting from industrialisation is very high. Reclamation and recycling of vital machinery components therefore assumes high priority. In addition, such an activity results in savings in downtime and inventory costs.

The company is dedicated to supply of products, services and solutions that meet and exceed the needs of its end-users. The customer-base includes mining industries, steel and other metallurgical complexes, power plants, railways, road transport workshops, shipping industries, sugar mills, cement plants, fertilizer and chemical plants, oil drilling and refining sector, defense workshops and a whole range of engineering industries.

The company has an uncompromising commitment to the continuous improvement of its products, services and delivery mechanisms. The entire Fonetwork consisting of about 200 employees and over 200 Authorised Dealers is dedicated to our mission of
Total Customer Satisfaction.



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